Get the Best Septic Design and Inspection from Us

It is very important to install a septic tank, as we all know that septic tank stores the waste water of house or building. We install the septic tank where there is no drainage system. Our professional experts design and construct the septic tank in such a way that the waste and the sewage remain inside it without affecting the environment. We design the septic tank in an appropriate manner which best suit the requirements. We design  the septic tank with top quality materials as the septic tank consist of top slab, bottom slab with PPC bed, sheer wall around the tank, and a top cover which is also known as the opening to check the level of waste water.

It is very important for current home owners and commercial owners to have their septic system evaluated on a regular basis from professional experts like us. We recommend having your system inspected one to three years to protect against preventable long-term damage. As the property owner, don’t put yourself in a situation that will cost you money, time and headache by overlooking one of the most expensive components of a property. Rely on Royal Flush Septics to provide you with all the knowledge you require to make an informed decision about your septic system.


Get the Best Installation from the Reputed Company Like Us

Installing a septic tank is a vital task and should be perform by a professional. We install a septic taking all the necessary precaution. We provide top quality materials for installing a septic system as a septic system consists of an underground septic tank made up of plastic, concrete, fiber glass or other material to treat and dispose of sewage. We design this system to provide an individualized waste water treatment option for commercial and residential areas. We recommend professional installation due to the amount of expertise and specialized equipment needed. We obtain all the necessary permit that is needed by the county. We also coordinate with the sewage enforcement officers and soil scientists as well as provide an excavator and operator to perform soil probe and percolation testing. The methods we use are effective at searching for a suitable location for a new septic system absorption area. As soon as the soil testing is completed and a septic tank absorption area has been located, we can create the design for the new septic system. Royal Flush Septic deals with the hassles of the septic system such as permitting, testing and design, so that you don’t have to stress for your septic system.


Repair, Replace and Maintain Your Septic System by a Professional Expert

The septic system repair and replacement professionals at Royal Flush Septic are among the best trained in the Denton County. We are the sole Denton County vendor with the ability to take the entire process from design to operation approval. We try to stay ahead of technical issues and are constantly improve our self to provide optimum septic system care. This is a crucial task as the rules and the regulation as they pertain to the repair or replacement of a septic system is always changing. We are a renowned and certified to replace and install all approved type of septic system no matter how big or small.

The outcome of commercial septic system failure is not only costly, but also environmentally disastrous if the regular maintenance is ignored. Biological and nutrient contaminant can eventually seep into nearby well, lakes and streams, which begins the spread of serious diseases such as hepatitis and dysentery. Proper maintenance and repair of your septic system is important to its adequate functioning and delay can cause serious consequences. We can help you if your septic tank, drain field or alternative waste treatment technology is not working properly.


We Provide Septic System Inspection,Design,Installation and Maintenance Services in below area:

Cities in Denton County only:

  1. Aubrey
  2. Corinth
  3. Denton (county seat)
  4. Highland Village
  5. Justin
  6. Krugerville
  7. Krum
  8. Lake Dallas
  9. Lakewood Village
  10. Little Elm
  11. Oak Point
  12. Pilot Point
  13. Roanoke
  14. Sanger
  15. The Colony


Cities shared with Multiple counties:

  1. Carrollton (partly in Dallas County and a small part in Collin County)
  2. Celina (mostly in Collin County)
  3. Coppell (mostly in Dallas County)
  4. Frisco (mostly in Collin County)
  5. Haslet (mostly in Tarrant County)
  6. Lewisville (small part in Dallas County)
  7. Plano (mostly in Collin County)
  8. Southlake (mostly in Tarrant County)


Towns in Denton County only:

  1. Argyle
  2. Bartonville
  3. Copper Canyon
  4. Cross Roads
  5. DISH
  6. Double Oak
  7. Draper
  8. Hackberry
  9. Hickory Creek
  10. Lincoln Park
  11. Northlake
  12. Ponder
  13. Providence Village
  14. Shady Shores


Towns shared with Multiple counties:

  1. Flower Mound (small part in Tarrant County)
  2. Hebron (small part in Collin County)
  3. Prosper (mostly in Collin County)
  4. Trophy Club (small part in Tarrant County)