Our History

With 20 years of experience in septic installations and another 50 years on excavation and land management, Royal Flush Septic dates to the origins of Texas hold’em itself.

The story has it that the Texan creation began to bring people closer, who desperately required septic installations to settle down and play. There began the extension and popularity of the game that became the emblem of our trajectory.

From those old days, we’ve collected septic installation best practices in just one place and also developed the desire to provide our society with a Royal-Class service.

About Us

Royal Flush Septic is the main support of Texan home builders. It is a septic installations company driven by the desire of providing a Royal-Class service and operated by professionals with the qualities required for it.

Since it’s opening in 2001, Royal Flush Septics has been able to support its mission a couple of thousand times by providing more than two thousand septic installations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Royal Flush Septic is easy installations, secure systems, and Royal-Class service.

Septic Installations in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and Grayson counties

About Septic Intallations

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